Twisted Fairytales Salt

Twisted Fairytales: Salt

All it takes is one wrong answer to turn a life upside down.

Delia is born a princess, but when she gives an honest answer to her father’s question of how much she loves him, she’s no longer welcome at his court. Chased off by the unreasonable king and cursed to a life of drudgery, she finds herself with nowhere to go and nothing but the dress on her back to her name. Delia stumbles through the woods that border her father’s lands from the neighboring kingdom, but when she’s discovered by a large hunting party led by her father’s adversary, her only choices are either starvation in the forest or pledging her services to the Foreign King and become a pawn once again. 

As the new and handsome king is interrogating her, she realizes she has another choice, one that her father gave her as he cast her out: a life of humiliation and subservience, a fate that she’s more than willing to choose if only it means her true identity stays undiscovered and she thus keeps her freedom. She pledges her services to the king to do anything he asks of her, no matter how debasing, as long as he grants her a place under his table.

Intrigued by the offer and curious as to how far she will go, he accepts her bargain and sweeps her off to his castle where Delia learns what it means to serve a king whose imagination is as dark and wicked as her own.

This retelling of the fairytale Love like Salt gives an old story a new twist and delves deep into the world of domination and submission.

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Twisted Fairytales: Salt

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