“You shall have nothing and be no one, and be found forever wanting, just as I have found you!”

Delia has lived her entire life in her father’s court until one wrong answer sees her cast out into the world with nothing more than the dress she wears and the sound of the White King’s curse echoing in her ears.
When his hunting party stumbles across a nameless girl in the forest, King Aiden does not expect his offer of help to be met with a request for a place beneath his table or an offer of servitude, but he cannot resist.
As Aiden pushes her further and further in his desire to see how far she is willing to go, Delia learns that her father’s curse might not be as terrible as she feared. As her new king and his mistress initiate her into a world of lust and abandon, she finds something no princess could ever dare dream of; love and the freedom to be entirely herself.
But is her freedom worth the price when it means to deny herself the one thing she really wants — being with Aiden for the rest of her life?
In this sensual retelling of the fairy tale Love like Salt, Jo Henny Wolf explores the rich landscape of domination and submission, pain and pleasure, and finding happiness in strange and unexpected places.

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The Hunting Game – Free Bonus Story

Delia and Aiden celebrate their anniversary by recreating the way they met: with a hunting game. Whoever out of a chosen group of hunters catches Delia gets to claim her.

Delia has to learn a lesson and King Aiden won’t let anyone get between him and his prey. Before her lie three days in the arms of her capturer, and he’s intent on showing her the error of her ways.

There’s a lot of room to explore domination and submission in the Happy Ever After, and in this follow-up to Salt — a bdsm fairytale, Delia and Aiden follow their wicked desires without inhibition and restraint — but not without restraining.

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Any Just Cause Any Just Cause

Rourke Monroe has a problem: he’s in love with his best friend’s fiancée, and to make things worse, he’s also his best friend’s best man. He knows what a terrible idea this wedding is, but no one is willing to listen…
Eve just wants everyone to be happy, but one person seems determined to find fault in everything she does. She doesn’t know which Rourke loathes more: the wedding that’s causing her so much heartache, or Eve herself…

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Penelope’s Choice

When Penelope follows the captivating librarian into the back of the library after being caught at sneaking out a naughty book, she expects to be banned forever. Instead, Miss Dearly presents her with three exquisite punishments to choose from to make up for her transgression. She can either subject herself to one of these disciplinary measures or leave with nothing but a note on her library card and her dignity unscathed. But what will be Penelope’s choice?

Erotic short story, ~9500 words

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3D-Book-Template Sharing ClaireSharing Claire

Claire manages a high-end equestrian center by day, but after hours, she likes to ride on the wild side. Confessing her deepest desires and dirtiest fantasies to her partner and Dom, Thornton, is part of her nightly duties. Her confessions guide them to new explorations and breathtaking adventures of domination and submission. When their friend Blake witnesses their scenes, Claire finds satisfaction for her exhibitionist streak, while Thorn finds an intense pleasure in showing her off. One of Claire’s fantasies remains a secret, though: she wants to serve–and please–both men at once. This fantasy goes unfulfilled until the day Claire’s disobedience leads to an opportunity for sensuous consequences. Her heart is pounding and her knees are jelly, but when Thorn offers to make her fantasy a reality, she can’t resist the desire to submit to both men. But is she really ready to follow Thorn and Blake, and serve all their wicked desires?

This BDSM threeway story is explicit and contains themes of domination/submission, bondage and humiliation.

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Bound to ComeBound to Come Mockup

When Nathan takes Julia to his friend’s housewarming party, she doesn’t know about the special surprise yet: Her.
Rafe’s new loft is the perfect place to tie someone up, as Julia is going to find out. Once she is bound with a pretty bow, it’s time for Rafe to play with his present.

Julia loves to be helpless and bound, and she’s going to make sure that all three of them are having a damn good time – even if it means she has to beg for pain to get to the pleasure.

“Bound to come” is a sizzling hot BDSM menage story that you don’t want to miss.

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Mistress MArlene MockupMistress Marlene

Hanna is happily married, but there’s something missing in her marriage: Hanna wants to submit. She yearns to explore bondage and discipline, but her husband isn’t comfortable dominating her.

Christoph wants her to be happy, even if he’s not the one she’s submitting to.

The solution?

Hanna goes to Marlene, a professional domme. Will her dreams come true and her fantasies be fulfilled with Marlene? And will Christoph be okay with Hanna bearing someone else’s mark on her skin?

A BDSM short story.

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